Jan Eriksson
DynAmend AB is owned and run by Jan Eriksson. He has been active in IT industry since 1997 and have held various positions from sales to technical specialist.

“The business perspective of IT have been a philosophy from day one, so EDI and business information became a natural choice”.

His educational background was economics and organizations was complemented with practical training in programming and eCommerce. Hard and dedicated studies paved the way for a highly desirable job as a technical specialist on the integration platform AMTrix.

“A tough and demanding job as a 3rd line specialist in a global organization, but it also rewarding as gave a deep insight into the industry. It also gave me a chance get in close contact with great customers (some on sight) all over the world”.

The specialist job was complemented by professional sales training, sales job and a position as an EDI system administrator. This lead to a position as EDI application developer at one of the largest VAN operators in Sweden, getting specialized in messaging technologies, standards, business process management, and how to add value to network services.